Certified Safety Inspection

Our comprehensive overhead crane safety inspection consists of:

  • A 30 point inspection program that identifies malfunctions
  • Adjustment of brakes
  • Addition of any necessary lubrication
  • Receive a safety certificate upon completion

Damage to cranes and their accessories is caused by wear and tear, in addition to improper use and mistreatment of equipment. Inspections are performed yearly, depending on the frequency of equipment use, some cranes requiring semi-annual or quarter-annual inspections.

The importance of Safety Inspections

  1. Ensure equipment is safe for use
  2. Identify large problems that may lead to hazardous working conditions
  3. Identify small problems before they lead to breakdowns to help reduce costly repairs and downtime
  4. Extend the lifetime of your crane and its accessories
  5. Provides proof of safe working conditions